Friendship: A Poem from 1997

I was digging through some old notebook and came across a stack of free-form poetry that I wrote when I was in college. Yes, I dabbled with the poetic verse in my youth. I'm not saying that it's any good, not by a long shot, but for a person who was studying engineering at the time, the emotion still rings through loud and clear.

(Shock horror... An engineer who actually expresses emotions. What is the world coming to?)

I thought I would share with you a piece that was written in 1997.


Friendship is one of the most important things in the world. It forms the foundation of every lasting relationship (no matter what shape it possesses). Without friendship, you lack the trust needed to survive in this crazy world.

Your friendship is like the solid ground under my feet. It keeps me standing strong and tall.

Your friendship is like the pillow under my head — just safe enough to catch me when I fall, but firm enough to help me learn from my mistakes.

If someone said, "You aren't allowed to speak to him anymore..." I'd feel that my world would crumble. It's the trust and love that we have had for many years that gives me the strength and courage to endure my time alone. It gives me the determination to complete my endeavours, so that I may be surrounded by your friendship and love in the future.

I know I'm never alone, as you have always been there. I just call your name aloud and you find me... help me... comfort me.

I know you trust me and hold me dear to your heart. The evidence in many forms is there. Who did you turn to when life was complicated and you needed an ear? Who did you turn to when life showed its complexities and needed some advice? You told me all the details (even after the friendship became more) as you knew I cared and would be there for you, no matter what happened.

Friendship is the foundation of our love. And I pledge to you now... no matter what happens in the future... I will always be your friend.

November 6, 1997

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