I’m where chain mail comes to die

Frequently, I'll see a post on Facebook (or some other social media feed, but mainly Facebook, because that is where I tend to spend most of my social media time) where the post is encouraging people to copy the post and paste it into their own personal feeds. It might be a "challenge" post, sharing a photo about something random. Or it's a post about sharing some statement about being seen. Or something else entirely different. And…

Nope. Can't be bothered. Seriously, peeps, I am that lazy.

Why should I bother?

If you want to see a photo of some old book, search the internet for them. I'm too busy reading new books.

You want to see a photo from my youth? Maybe, but it's more likely that I can't be bothered hunting through the giant crate of old photos for my baby book. (Sorry folks, but digital photography is something that came out after my children were born. Yes, I am that old.)

You want me to spread some message about how people don't read my posts? How is that even productive? Why bother? Why not just start interacting instead? I'll know you're reading what I have to say when you comment on my thread. And I'll happily comment on your threads if I have something to contribute.

And as for anything that comes through private messages, my first assumption will be that you've been hacked (or had your account cloned). So nope, I'm not doing it!

Yeah, when it comes to chain messages, only send them to me if you want them to die.

Chain messages come to me to die a silent, but horrible, death.

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