A Little About Judy…

Judy L Mohr

Judy L Mohr (April 2020)

I'm only guessing here, but you likely came to this page because you want to find out more about what I write.

Well… All of my fictional writing has its roots in the thriller space, diving into the darker sides of society. Shrapnel and body parts fly in every direction. And when my writing buddies read the one piece I wrote where no one died, they all asked me if I was feeling okay. Then they all swore at me for turning them into blubbering messes.

It's what I do. And I love it.

I also write nonfiction, tackling the scientific world head on. My book Hidden Traps focuses on how one can protect themselves on the internet, looking at internet security and the loopholes of using different social media sites. I'm also a contributor to Putting the Science in Fiction, published by Writer's Digest in October 2018.

I have been writing fiction for over a decade now. I've been writing nonfiction for over two decades. Man, I feel old. But I'm more than just a writer.

In my day job, I'm a developmental editor and writing coach with Black Wolf Editorial Services, working with writers from around the world. And yes, time zone differences often provide hilarity. I am a day ahead of most of my clients, after all.

On my blog and on the Black Wolf Editor's Blog, I share my experiences and knowledge with others. And many of those posts eventually get turned into nonfiction books. I have made some mistakes along my publication journey—big mistakes. If sharing my knowledge and experience can help just one person avoid making the same mistakes that I've made, then I have achieved something magical.

Pay it forward.

This is the driving ethos behind everything that I do.

So, take a seat and enjoy the roller coaster ride that is my brain.