All writers have to begin somewhere…

When a writer is asked about how they started writing, the answers are varied. However, if one thinks about it, all writers start their journey at a very young age. In school, we all have those creative writing assignments, even if we dread them.

Recently, I was challenged to find a piece of writing from those early years. Here is just one of the gems that I found which dates back to 1989, when I was in 3rd Form (8th Grade for those of you in the US). I resisted the urge to edit this piece (and it wasn’t easy), but even in its raw state, it still made me giggle.


It was the match of the year. A lot of people were gathered around. The referee introduced the two contestants, Heavy Tabbra and Slimmer Sammster. The match was about to begin. The bell rang, loud and clear, and the contestants sprang from their corners. They were circling around each other until Slimmer Sammster just simply fell. Heavy Tabbra was declared the winner. Tabbra went back to her corner, sat down, licked her paw and shook her tail.

I challenge all my readers to find those little writing snippets from your childhood. How far have you come since then?

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