The #DigitalDetox Poem

#DigitalDetox number 7 was to write a poem. I'll detail my feelings about how the week went with this challenge in another post, but for the moment, I thought I would share with you the poem that was created.

It's not a masterpiece by no stretch of the word, but it's not a disaster either. However, there was a theme to it that sort of shows where my mental mindset is at the moment.

It was written while I was driving, using the dictation app that I discovered on my phone.


Looking at traps and trying to make reason of things that have no description.

Numbers, lines, data points. It all converges into things that are irrational.

As humans, we try to live a life of purpose, but what if no purpose exists?

And sometimes the purpose is ripped away.

We have to do the best we can, even when there is no logic.

Because life is not filled with logic.

It is irrational. It is passionate. It is chaotic.

We do what is reason given the circumstances surrounding us.

There's no logic to all of our actions.

Sometimes, it just is what it is.

But does it bring us joy and happiness? For that is the true question.

Without joy and happiness, we are nothing but stress, making no sense in the world filled with illogical thought.

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