ConvoScience: To Mars and Beyond

So, Mars is currently at its closest to Earth, certainly closer than it has been for 15 years. What better way to celebrate such an occasion than to talk about what it would take to get to Mars and even further out into space?

Well, that's exactly what Jessie and I did in your recent episode of Conversations in Science.

ConvoScience: To Mars and Beyond
(First aired on Monday July 31, 2018)

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Forensic Science: Time to get some insider knowledge.

Followers of my Twitter and Facebook feeds will know that I've been writing a crime thriller novel. Delving into the minds of psychopathic killers is actually quite liberating, but I'm also a huge fan of creating realism in my stories. It's not good enough to write about crime if you get everything about police procedures or forensic investigations wrong. So, out comes the massive amounts of research on the internet. However, sometimes, it's actually better to just talk to an expert.

Justin Kinney is no stranger to KLRNRadio, often a guest on Jessie's POV. However, when I found out that he also has a Masters in Forensic Science, I insisted that he make an appearance on Conversations in Science. Take a listen. You might be surprise about how far forensics have come.

ConvoScience Forensics with Justin Kinney
(First aired on KLRNRadio, Monday, May 7, 2017)

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Dementia and… No, I’m not being forgetful!

I might have a PhD, but I'm not an expert in all fields of science. Far from it. Sometimes, even I need to call in someone to help me understand. This month's new topic for Conversations in Science was no different.

Jessie and I spoke with Dr Anne Lipton, a neurologist, about Dementia, Alzheimer's and all things related.

ConvoScience Understanding Dementia and Alzheimers
(First aired on KLRNRadio, Tuesday, April 24, 2018)

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Weather Related Owies

Those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter will know that I don't cope well in the heat. I hate the high temperatures in Summer (and New Zealand is just coming out of Summer). I like feeling warm, yes, but there is a limit as to how much my body can tolerate.

Even in my youth, I didn't cope well with the heat, suffering from heat exhaustion and borderline heat stroke on numerous occasions. I know the signs and symptoms to look for. When people tell me that it's all in my head and that I don't know what I'm talking about...

I might not be a medical doctor, but I do have Outdoor First Aid training and personal experience to draw from. I also have AWESOME research skills.

For this month's new episode on Conversations in Science, I decided to talk about heat exhaustion, heat stroke and hypothermia, and a whole rafter of other weather related owies.

Weather Related Owies
(First aired on KLRNRadio, Monday, March 19, 2018)

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ConvoScience: Dating Turkey Dinosaurs

I know, it's an odd title for an episode of Conversation in Science, but it was an honest one. Jessie Sanders, my producer, was doing some research for one of her other shows, looking up some of the latest news about Turkey — not the gobble, gobble type, but the country. Well, in her research, she encountered an article about dinosaurs the size of turkeys discovered in Australia. Of course, she fired the article my way, but it sparked a whole new topic for Conversations in Science.

How does one actually date a turkey dinosaur?

How to Date a Turkey Dinosaur
(First aired on KLRNRadio, Monday, February 5, 2018)

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