Forensic Science: Time to get some insider knowledge.

Followers of my Twitter and Facebook feeds will know that I've been writing a crime thriller novel. Delving into the minds of psychopathic killers is actually quite liberating, but I'm also a huge fan of creating realism in my stories. It's not good enough to write about crime if you get everything about police procedures or forensic investigations wrong. So, out comes the massive amounts of research on the internet. However, sometimes, it's actually better to just talk to an expert.

Justin Kinney is no stranger to KLRNRadio, often a guest on Jessie's POV. However, when I found out that he also has a Masters in Forensic Science, I insisted that he make an appearance on Conversations in Science. Take a listen. You might be surprise about how far forensics have come.

ConvoScience Forensics with Justin Kinney
(First aired on KLRNRadio, Monday, May 7, 2017)

On the show, we talked about a range of topics all relating to forensics, including:

  • what areas of science are making an appearance in forensics;
  • how CSI gets it wrong;
  • DNA in forensics;
  • forensic photography and image processing;
  • working against the weather;
  • how samples are collected;
  • ballistics;
  • CODIS;
  • cold cases;
  • gun powder residues and imaging blood spatter;
  • and what you should study if you are interested in a career in forensics.
Justin R Kinney

Justin R Kinney

Justin Kinney is a doctoral student and graduate teaching associate at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. While his PhD studies are in political science and international relations, focusing on terrorism, he also has a Masters in Forensic Science from George Washington University.

However, Justin is also an author himself, so he totally understands how my brain was on information candy the entire time during our recording. Precipice (published under J. Robert Kinney) is a crime thriller where a young government agent is tasked with the job of solving a trail of murders. Precipice is available from Amazon.

If you have any question for Justin, you can contact him on Twitter, or via Facebook.

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