Juno and Radio

Last week, I was invited to talk about NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter on AOTR The Jen and Rick Show, an Internet radio show on K98Talk. The links to the show are found below.

The episode file has been deleted during the archiving of old AOTR episodes.
AOTR Presents Jen and Rick Junos 5 Year trip to Jupiter and Hillary Skates
(First Aired on K98Talk, Tuesday, July 5, 2016)

In my preparation for the show, I realised that not many of my readers, or the listeners of the radio show, will necessary know why Jupiter is so important to astronomers and our understanding of our planet. As such, I've decided that I need put my PhD in Astronomy to good use and start a new blog series about Jupiter and what NASA is attempting to do with the Juno mission.

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Telescope Gone — But History Survives

For over 100 years, residents of Christchurch, New Zealand were blessed to have access an operational, world-class telescope right in the heart of the city. The telescope was built in 1864 by Thomas Cooke and Sons of York, England, one of the best instrument designers of the time. It was then gifted to Canterbury College, as it was called back then, in 1891. The Townsend Observatory was constructed and opened in 1896. Since then, regular viewing was open to the public — until a 7.1 earthquake struck Canterbury on September 4, 2010.

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