ConvoScience: Dating Turkey Dinosaurs

I know, it's an odd title for an episode of Conversation in Science, but it was an honest one. Jessie Sanders, my producer, was doing some research for one of her other shows, looking up some of the latest news about Turkey — not the gobble, gobble type, but the country. Well, in her research, she encountered an article about dinosaurs the size of turkeys discovered in Australia. Of course, she fired the article my way, but it sparked a whole new topic for Conversations in Science.

How does one actually date a turkey dinosaur?

How to Date a Turkey Dinosaur
(First aired on KLRNRadio, Monday, February 5, 2018)

Even as I write that last statement, I find myself snickering, but Conversations in Science is a serious show. (Yeah, right... Have you ever actually listened to a show?) No, seriously, the show is about the science, even if the two on the show are just a little coo-coo. So, this month, Jessie and I were talking about various methods that archaeologists, geologists and paleontologist date samples.

We spoke about:

  • isotopes and atoms;
  • carbon dating;
  • uranium dating;
  • sedimentary structures;
  • and much more.

And to think, this all started with turkey dinosaurs found in Australia.

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