The North Pole is in Antarctica…

There is a reason that no one has ever been able to find Santa's workshop. It's because everyone has been looking in the wrong place all this time. The North Pole is really in Antarctica. I have many good reasons for my conclusions, all of which I explained in a special episode of Conversations in Science.

I figured out where Santa's Workshop is located.
(First aired live on KLRNRadio, Saturday, December 23, 2016)

No, I haven't been partaking in just a little too much eggnog, but I will admit that I'm a little high on Christmas cheer. Is there anything wrong with that?

But seriously, my science brain has been in overdrive lately. If one was to really look at the Earth's magnetic fields, then it becomes obvious that the magnetic North Pole is really a magnetic South Pole.

No really. Think about. By naming convention, we name the side of a magnet that wants to point toward the North as the North Pole of the magnet. However, it takes a significant amount of brute force to get two North Poles to actually point toward one another; like poles repel, but opposites attract.

Sorry guys, but Earth's North Pole is really a magnetic South Pole. The magnetic North Pole is in Antarctica.

There are other reasons for my conclusions of Santa's workshop being in Antarctica. The most obvious one being the lack of land in the Arctic Circle. One reason they tell us that one can't see Santa's workshop is because it's underground. Excuse me, but under all that ice is just ocean. How can it be underground when there is no land?

Then we have the logistics of flying to polar regions. No planes fly to the North or South Poles in the middle of winter. The engines just freeze. Now I can hear you saying that Santa is in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, but I'd like to respond by saying that he drives an open-top sleigh. If he was to fly to the winter polar cap, he'd likely freeze to death. Nope, he's going to want to fly to the polar regions in summer. Antarctica is in the middle of summer right now.

And there is the issue with the dateline. New Zealand is among those who are first in the world to see the new day; we'll have had our Christmas dinner before those in the USA have woken up to the presents under the tree. Doesn't it make sense that Santa would want to maximise his production time by being as close as practical to his first drop-off point in New Zealand.

Let's face it... Christchurch, New Zealand is commonly known as the Gateway to Antarctica with the US Air Force joining forces with the Royal NZ Air Force for a base located at Christchurch Airport whose sole purpose is to fly in and out of Antarctica.

I don't care how crazy you think I sound, but I'm sure the children of the world will be happy to know that Santa's workshop is real and in Antarctica.

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