Please Share Your Stories…

For six months, Christchurch had been inflicted with quake after quake, starting with the 7.1-magnitude quake that woke residents of Canterbury from their slumber on September 11, 2010. The aftershocks were down to magnitudes of 4 and 3, and we could finally start to sleep again. They told us that the worst  was over. They were wrong.Read More

When does school start again?

The real torture for a parent starts long before school lets out for the holidays. The anticipation of that long awaited break is almost too much to bear for the child. But a long break from school, like the summer break… Please! Save me now!Read More

Fighting Spirit

Yet another fine piece of work by Andrei Kope. The more I see of his talents, the more I get excited about the work that I might get him to do for me. This piece, Fighting Spirit, is just stunning.

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Looking Back at 2015…

Relax and have a coffee

Relax and have a coffee

So many things have changed in my life over the last year in terms of my writing and editing that sometimes I feel I’m in a whirlpool and just along for the ride. But it’s a ride that I don’t want to get off.

In October of 2013, I made the inevitable decision to walk away from my career in research and to focus full-time on my writing and writing-related activities. I finished my contract with the MARS Research project, which aims to develop colour-CT scanning technologies, and come Christmas that year, I was happy to sit in front of the computer doing nothing but editing and writing.Read More