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The Perfect Gift for a Writer: A Dictionary

As the title suggests, I recently received the perfect gift that any writer could get: a dictionary. But this was not just any dictionary. This was a copy of The Compact Oxford English Dictionary. Big whoop, I hear some of you say. Well, actually, it is. The Oxford English Dictionary (2nd Edition) is a 20-volume […]

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9/11: A view of life…

On the weekend just past, it was the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 disaster.  Every year, for the past 15 years, I have been silent about my memories of that day, fearful that someone would get offended. The events of that day had a global impact. So many things changed in an instant. The world […]

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Conversations in Science

New Radio Show and Heavy Water

It’s hard to understand why people are making such a big deal about Iran and heavy water. I mean, it is just water, right? Well, no it’s not. Take a read and listen to “What is heavy water? Why is nuclear power plant waste dangerous?” on the new internet radio show Conversations in Science on KLRNRadio.

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Juno and Jupiter

Juno has made the first of its orbits with scientific instruments running. It’s scientists first looks at Jupiter up close and personal. Read on for more about why it’s so important and exciting.

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My dream is not dead…

Well, the PitchWars selections have been made, and as I had expected, I wasn’t one of them. How do I feel about that? In truth, I had resigned myself to the fact that PitchWars was likely a no-go within the first few days after submission. (In fact, I had written this post nearly two full […]

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The Editor’s Blog

There are some that follow me expecting to see tips on editing here. However, this is my personal blog and is about my personal journey down the road toward publication, parenting and life in general. My editor’s blog can be found at here. Below is a list of recent posts on the Editor’s Blog. Recent Posts: […]

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Another Guest Blog to be Proud Off

After all the emotional downs I’ve had lately, I’ve needed a bit of a pick-me-up, and what better way than to get my name onto another guest blog. And this one I’m particularly proud of because it used my PhD knowledge, something that I haven’t taxed on in quite some time.

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Please, PitchWars, be kind.

Okay… So, I’ve submitted to PitchWars and now wait anxiously for the results, along with all the other hopefuls. My non-writer followers out there will likely be wondering what PitchWars is. (Some of my writer-type followers might be wondering the same.) Well, PitchWars is a writing contest run by Brenda Drake.  However, it’s a contest where successful […]

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Self-doubt and Jealousy Strikes Again

I think everyone goes through these bouts when the Green-Eyed Monster and his cousin, Self-Doubt, come to town and refuse to leave. I certainly do, and on this journey toward publication, this isn’t the first time either.

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