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Descending into the Sewer…

Toilet humour has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. If I think about it, toilet humour has always been around. However, recently I find myself descending into the sewer and following the wastewater through the treatment plant and out to sea. Even as I write that last line, I find myself laughing, the irony not lost.My husband is the Water and Wastewater Treatment Manager for the Christchurch City Council. He has been in the position now for just under a year, and he’s loving every minute of it. He’s a different man to what he was last year, and I love seeing that […]

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Beauty Tips: New or Old Advice?

While on a recent visit to the hair salon, I decided to actually sit down and look at the many magazines they had. I don’t normally do this. I’m either reading a book, or the work of another writer they asked me to review. But the latest issue of the Next magazine sported an article title that caught my eye: The New Beauty Rules: 30s, 40s, 50s & Beyond. So I had to look at what new advice is out there. I laughed.

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Leaving Home (A Poem)

Migrating birds, flying south. Winter it comes, and they fly south. Wings spread far and wide, Scared they’ll fail, Leaving behind the warmth of the nest. Her babies migrate for the first time alone. Nervous and aflutter, she lets them fly.

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Why I Admire My Mother…

I recently posted a series of posts on Facebook and Twitter entitled Why I Admire My Mother. It was my way of celebrating my mother’s birthday, and telling the world why I love her so much. So here it is in its entirety: It’s my mother’s birthday in a few weeks, and I’ve decided to celebrate the amazing woman she is (and to tell her how much I love her) that I would run a series of posts with at least one new reason every day why she is worthy of admiring, including any anecdotes to go with the reasons. She may never see this, unless Dad shows them to her […]

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