Sometimes you have to just laugh, or you’ll cry.

There are some mornings that you should just stay in bed. I believe this morning was one of them.

Wee... Wait... How did I get down here?

Wee… Wait… How did I get down here?

This morning, the lovely city of Christchurch woke up to thin layers of ice everywhere. I should probably inform you that my driveway never sees the sun, so every winter, we get ice on the driveway. This morning was no different. My husband had put my truck out on the road (so he could get to his car) which meant the kids and I needed to walk down the slippery drive. My daughter slipped, but luckily stayed upright. We get to the truck and the handles had frozen over. My son and daughter had to combine their strengths to open the back door. It was hilarious to watch. Heave. Ho. Heave. Ho. And fly backward as the door flies open.

Then there was the issue of actually getting onto the road. They have started construction just outside my house, doing something with the drains down the whole street. Yesterday, they dug a massive hole in the ground and put in temporary traffic lights — right outside my drive. Joy.

We get onto the road and head out to QE2 Drive, a major road on the North-East side of Christchurch with a 80 kph speed limit (50 mph for those in US). Just as we turn the corner onto QE2, I hit a layer of black ice — and spin out. The adrenaline was pumping, but no accident. Thank Heavens for that. However, my daughter was freaking out, and rightly so. It was the first time she had ever been in the car when something like that happened.

Drop the son at school… All good. Drop the daughter at school, and it goes all downhill from there.

She insisted that I walk her in. Yesterday, she was at the optometrist and was prescribed glasses. She wanted me to talk to her teacher. Fair enough. But on the way back to car, I had to walk over the netball courts which were covered in a thin layer of ice. Down I went, and I went down hard. My butt is now sporting a fantastic bruise, and my head has a bump. I was seeing stars.

To top the morning off, I got trapped inside the grounds of my daughter’s school. The magnetic lock on the gate had frozen over during the 10 minutes that I was inside the school, and it wouldn’t open. Children were trapped outside, and three of us parents are trying to force this lock open. Nothing was working. In the end, all I could do was laugh. It was just one of those moments: you either laugh, or you cry. It wasn’t even 9am, and already it was a morning of hell.

I have been to the doctors, and sure enough, I’m sporting a concussion. I was trapped at the doctor’s office for over an hour because they wanted to observe me. It is so boring at the doctor’s office when you don’t have your book with you. I’m alright, bruised and a doozy of a headache, but am I going to let that stop me from writing today? Hell no. Just bring it on!

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