My daughter hates my Instagram

So, I have been informed on multiple occasions that my daughter hates my Instagram feed. And what she hates about it: all the sunrise photos.

As far as she's concerned, I post way too many sunrise photos. She's never really explained to me what she thinks I should post instead, but apparently, my feed is filled with too much sunshine.

But only yesterday I got the following message from one of my friends.

"I enjoy seeing your sunrise photos. It's nice to put a bit of colour in the day - especially with how crazy things are at the moment."

And this is not the only comment that I have gotten about my sunrise photos. It would appear that many people enjoy my feed because of all the sunrise photos.

So, my daughter thinks my feed is filled with too much sunshine, whereas other people love seeing all that color in a crazy world. What is a girl to do—expect laugh!

My daughter's comments remind me so much of all the jokes that parents have had for decades about how their children don't approve of the things their parents do.

"It's not cool."

"Suck it up, princess!"

I'm sure my mother said the same thing to me once or twice. And I'm fairly confident that my daughter will say the same thing to her children when that time comes.

We parents are just way too sophisticated for our children to understand.

Yeah, right… Who am I kidding? I drink wine out of a mug.

So, to have a little fun at my daughter's expense, I'm going to fill up the rest of this blog post with photos from my daughter's Instagram feed. Enjoy.

(Ironic to discover a few sunset photos there. And even more ironic is how some of these photos are ones that I've taken.)

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