Can we wait until December?

How many of us have noticed that decorations for Christmas seem to be coming out earlier and earlier each year? As early as October, the images of Santa flood the shelves and the ads for that perfect Christmas present start. Santa is preparing to ride his sleigh, yet the Jack-o-Lanterns still have not been lit. We hit November and the signs go up along the sides of the roads. The malls pull out all the stops as they prepare for Santa to take a seat in a place of pride and joy.

I have lived with these early signs of Christmas for years, but when I hear the music blaring across the speakers in the grocery store, that’s when I start to complain. For me, I know Christmas is close when I hear Snoopy and the Baron grace the airways, but to my relief, my local radio stations have an unwritten rule: that song is not to be played until Dec 1st. But the malls and the grocery stores don’t seem to have the same restrictions. While they won’t play Snoopy and the Baron, all other songs seem to be fair game. So on my last visit to the grocery store, Here Comes Santa Claus played in time with my steps down the aisles.

The whole way around, I kept growling. “Really? Do I need to listen to that now? Can’t we wait for at least Dec 1st before the torture begins?” No seriously, people. The moment my 10-year-old daughter hears that song, and others like it, play within the malls, there will be no end to it. She will sing it nonstop for weeks to come. Please, I beg you. There is only so much torture a mother can take.

And what about the poor checkout operators and shop keepers? Please spare a moment to think of them. As a patron, I can flee from the dreaded music and put on something else the moment I get into my car. But the shop keepers will be subjected to the torturous tunes for weeks on end, for multiple hours a day.

Then there are all those who do not celebrate Christmas. Let’s face it folks… Christmas is a Christian holiday. I have friends who are Jewish, Muslim, Hindi and Druidic. While those of the Druidic faith will celebrate Yule, the concept of the nativity scene has nothing to do with it. Yet every year, the non-Christians within our society are subjected to the insane number of religious songs. There is a huge number of Christmas and holiday season tunes that have nothing to do with Jesus or religion. Why can’t the malls play those instead?

Don’t get me wrong. I love putting up the Christmas tree with all the ornaments that I have collected over the years, many filled with fond memories. I love the music and my favourite of all time is actually Ring Christmas Bells, Jesus is King. But do I want to be hearing these ditties for weeks, even months, on end? HELL NO!

Please save me now. The torture is already in full swing.

Nov 2017 Update

Nearly two years later, and the Christmas decorations were out in September. It’s not even December 1st, but the grocery store insisted on playing Snoopy and the Baron. AAAAAAHHHH! Save me now!

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