Geophysics is About More than Earthquakes

As we are getting closer and closer to the release of Putting the Science in Fiction, Jessie and I are having lots of fun talking to different scientists about their various fields.

On our latest episode of Conversations in Science, we spoke with K E Lanning about geophysics.

K E Lanning received a bachelor’s degree in Physics in 1979 from Stephen F. Austin St. University in Nacogdoches, TX and a MBA in 1986 from the University of Houston. In her geophysics career, science met art—imaging landscapes beneath the surface of the earth. K E Lanning is a writer of science fiction too, so of course we had to talk about that too. Take a listen.

Be advised that we did have a few technical issues during recording. Jessie did the best she could to clean it up, but sometimes technology gets the better of us.

Convo Science: K E Lanning Talks about GeoPhysics
(First aired on KLRNRadio, Tuesday, Sept 11, 2018)

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Dimming the Sun: Insanity or Brilliance?

There has been many different solutions to various environmental issues proposed over the years. Some are brilliant (like plastic roads). Others were discounted years ago for a reason, yet they keep coming back to haunt us. The latest proposal from UK scientists probably falls into the latter category.

On this month's episode of Conversations in Science, Jessie and I spoke about how UK scientists want to dim the sun.

Dimming the Sun
(First aired on KLRNRadio, Monday, November 6, 2017)

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