Cow Farts and Plastic Roads: New Episode of Conversations in Science

Back in February, I spoke about climate change and global warming on my radio show of Conversations in Science on KLRN Radio. With all the crazy and innovative discussions that have come across my feeds about various environmental issues, I decided to revisit the topic. Check it out.

Cow Farts and Plastic Roads
(First aired on KLRNRadio, Monday, April 3, 2017)

Instead of writing a full post for this show, I've decided it would be best to point out the highlights and provide you with any links to some of the articles that I used in my research for this month's show. Jessie and I spoke about so many things that I would be hard pressed to summarize the entire show into a single blog post.

So... Let's see...

We did a recap of some of the topics discussed back in February's show. We spoke about the lunacy behind killing all the cows and injecting sulphates into the atmosphere. But not all ideas are crazy. Some show great promise.

The research from Oak Ridge National Laboratory on converting carbon dioxide into ethanol was highlighted, as was the electric cars developed by Tesla. The sunflower solar panels had both Jessie and I excited, as did PlasticRoads.

So many things talked about. I think my mind is still reeling. Perhaps it's best if you just take a listen.

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