Change is upon us. (It’s NOT another COVID-19 post.)

The birds frolic outside my office window, moving so fast that I'm unable to capture pictures of them. Fantails. Wooded sparrows. Magpies. Silver eyes. I'm sure that the trees directly outside my house have been come their nests. A few of them have likely made the thorn bushes on the other side of the fence their home.

Across the street, the pukekos meander around as they feed on the bugs found under the ground. Occasionally, they'll take to a short flight, moving away from whatever is coming their way—including the amateur photographer.

Just some of the birds found in my neighborhood—or rather in my yard!

A few of the younger birds have found new homes in the fields on the other side of my back fence, and boy, oh, boy, do they make for noisy neighbors. I have no idea what they're doing at 6:30 a.m., but their honking is the oddest thing that I've ever heard.

So much life flutters by to capture my attention. A whole range of birds, all showing that life is filled with promise and joy.

And the world as I know it stands on the brink of change.

The leaves on the trees outside are starting their transition from the summer greens into their autumn yellows, browns and oranges. I hint of red sits there tempting the camera.

The apple tree is overloaded, just waiting for the harvest—either by the birds or by me—and the grapes have made their transition to their purple hues.

The flora is showing the seasonal changes.

Exactly where the change will end, no one knows. Exactly how it will transform the way we live in the future is anyone's guess. But I do know one thing…

It is entirely up to us how we respond to the changes thrust upon us.

For me, I choose to allow my camera and my words to capture the beauty that I might have missed before, sharing it with others when I can.

What about you? In this time of change, what will you do?

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  1. I’m spending more time learning :). And taking lots of bird photos, too. Spring is arriving in our neck of the woods, and spring migration always lifts my spirits. From your photos, I can tell I need to visit your country one of these days! Such pretty birds!

    • New Zealand is filled with amazing, inspirational scenery. And you don’t have to go far to see it, either. One of the things that I love about living in such a small country. If you ever do make it down this way, drop me a line. I’d love to show you some of my local haunts.

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