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I hijacked Jessie’s POV… Mwahaha…

There is one topic that I've been wanting to cover on Conversations in Science, but my producer Jessie Sanders wouldn't let me do it. The topic was steeped in politics, and Conversations in Science is meant to be politics-free. However, she said that if I could find a show where I could talk about politics, then I could do it. Well...

Jessie has gone on holiday, and she asked me to upload an episode for her. Little does she know... I have found the show where I can cover the one topic that I've been wanting to cover.

So, I've hijacked Jessie's POV to discuss the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and why I think President Trump is wanting to pull out.


Doc Hijacks Jessie's POV
(First aired on KLRNRadio, Thursday, November 11, 2017)

Topics covered in this special episode of Jessie's POV:

  • The Paris Accords, examining certain clauses that provide autonomy to parties involved. However, I believe I've found the one clause that President Trump would not have liked.

Article 9, Paragraph 1: Developed country Parties shall provide financial resources to assist developing country Parties with respect to both mitigation and adaption in continuation of their existing obligations under the Convention.

  • I also talked about how I believe President Trump's actions have greater implications beyond the Paris Accords.

But I didn't just discuss Paris Accords. I also discussed the following:

  • Singapore's recent changes to government policy regarding private cars and public transport;
  • and Sophia — the robot that Saudi Arabia gave citizenship to.

I wasn't the crazy lady, I promise, but it was fun to talk about science-related topics from a political point of view for a change.

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