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The world around us is an amazing place, filled with beauty… And with science. But let’s face it, sometimes the science can be so confusing that it takes a PhD to understand it. Well, you’re in luck. I just happen to have a PhD. Come and take a seat. Perhaps I can explain the world around us in a way we all can understand.

Welcome to Conversations in Science. I’m Dr Judy L Mohr.
Call me Doc.

Conversations in Science airs on KLRNRadio on the first Monday of every month at 7pm EST (currently equates to the first Tuesday of every month at 1pm for those in New Zealand). If you miss it, that's okay. It's downloadable. Links to the episodes are found below.KLRNRadio (Station Logo)

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Also check out the special video series of Conversations in Science: Experiments with Kids.

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Conversations in Science

New Radio Show and Heavy Water

It’s hard to understand why people are making such a big deal about Iran and heavy water. I mean, it is just water, right? Well, no it’s not. Take a read and listen to “What is heavy water? Why is nuclear power plant waste dangerous?” on the new internet radio show Conversations in Science on KLRNRadio.

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Juno and Jupiter

Juno has made the first of its orbits with scientific instruments running. It’s scientists first looks at Jupiter up close and personal. Read on for more about why it’s so important and exciting.

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Juno and Radio

It’s been a long time waiting, but the satellite Juno has made insertion into Jupiter’s orbit. Read on to find out why this is so important and exciting.

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