Oopsie. At least I didn’t burn the house down.

Anyone who knows me will know that I lead a VERY busy life. Mom’s taxi is often called into service, and there are many a nights when I have no clue whether I’m coming or going. As such, I’ve mastered the art of cooking quickly, making tasty meals that are full of flavor and make people fight over the leftovers. However, when things go up in flames — literally — plans instantly get derailed, and it’s ALL hands on deck.Read More

Serious Politics…

My family and friends know that I never watch the news, rarely read a newspaper, and ever since the radio died in my car, I don’t even get my news that way. No, all my knowledge of current events comes from word of mouth and the bombardment of various snippets on social media. Even my own children know more about what’s going on in the world than I do. However, there are some things that there is just no getting away from. Let’s just say that I would have to completely disconnect from the world to get away from the political stage of the USA.Read More

Can’t is an evil word… It shouldn’t exist.

Recently, scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came across a post about the wonderful word can’t.

If you say you cant, you are only bullshitting yourself

You ignore the little bit of swearing, but of course I had to reply.Read More

Letter to my mother…

Today is Mother’s Day in New Zealand, and I can guarantee that my mother feels a little under appreciated. She always does at this time of year. Let’s face it. I rarely call, and when I do, the conversations are short. I never visit (she lives in Auckland and I’m in Christchurch). And I never send a present or a card. But I love my mother dearly. Hopefully, she see this and realises that she is in my thoughts every single day, even if I don’t tell her that.Read More

Editing Headaches…

Editing… The dreaded beast seems to have come to haunt me again. Just when I thought I had finished with this manuscript, there it is again. The revisions just go on, and on, and on, and on… Did I mention that they go on and on?

When you’re writing, it’s the inner critic that whispers sweet little things about self-doubt that just won’t go away. If you’re anything like me, you type so fast that sometimes your brain struggles to keep up; the spelling goes out the window and the auto-correct monster just gobbles up that carefully chosen word… without you noticing! But the editor in me can’t just let a new piece of writing go unchecked. I will always go back and reread what I had written after a break (even a break as short as a toilet break). I see the punctuation errors, the grammar flaws and the faults in the writing itself. I struggle in a big way to shut off the editor brain long enough to actually do any writing.Read More