An Era of Space in CrazyTown

I think everyone will agree with me that the year 2020 has been a nightmare from the start. Everyone I know has been begging for 2020 to be rebooted, and the world has become a CrazyTown. And with the latest crazy caused by some idiot cop, who in my opinion deserves to be behind bars, it was a breath of fresh air that 2020 finally saw some good news.

It's May 31, 2020 where I live, and I have just finished watching the launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and the Crew Dragon capsule. It might be hard to believe, but I'm sitting here crying as I type this, and I'm not sure if I can fully explain why, but I'm going to do my darndest to try.

As far as I'm concerned, now 2020 has begun. Sure, it's nearly half over, but for the first time in 2020, I feel like hope is actually on the horizon and we can breathe again.

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