#DigitalDetox Challenge 5, and I’d like to forget the week

Each of these #DigitalDetox challenges are meant to be a way for me to explore a part of myself that has been long forgotten. Not only am I doing things that disconnect me from the internet world, even for a short time, but I'm also doing some activities that I had once done and no longer do for whatever reason.

This last week has been an emotional roller coaster. I started the week with the pressure of trying to finish an editorial contract (a big job), but we were still under Level 3 lockdown (more on that below). Other tasks were piling up, and the energy was gone. And I knew I needed to put the #DigitalDetox challenge into the mix, so I forced myself.

This week's challenge was to draw a self-portrait. I'm not artistic in the visual sense, so unless I wanted to resort to drawing stick figures, I chose another approach.

Instead of creating a visual self-portrait, I chose to create a literary self-portrait. I won't be sharing the literary self-portrait with the world, but it was an interesting exercise.

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