Post, share and guilt…

As a writer, I will frequently connect with other writers through social media, mainly on Twitter and Facebook. Within Facebook, I’m a member of a variety of closed discussion groups. While I’m highly active on some, I’m a quiet observer on others.

In a few of my Facebook groups, there are many threads where people post information and links that they want shared with the world. There is an expectation that you will like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, retweet or repost whatever tidbits and ads they might have. Here’s the deal:  I don’t.Read More

To follow or not to follow? The Twitter community I cherish.

With recent activities within my on-line networking, I’ve forced myself to think of why I might or might not follow a person on Twitter. What did I want to get out of my experience on Twitter?

I first joined Twitter in January 2015.  I was getting ready to send out my first query letter and I was starting the process of cyber-stalking agents that I was interested in. I discovered that all of them were on Twitter, so I signed up too. Then I discovered that Twitter was where all the contests for writers were announced. Yes, they were announced on the websites of the organizers, but you had to know that those websites existed in the first place. And for some contests, the websites were absolutely no help, because you couldn’t navigate them, or there was no “follow via email” option. But the contests were opportunities to snag editors, critiques, and ultimately an agent. I had to look into this.Read More