Shadow Eagle

Shadow Eagle

So many writers enjoying seeing their work turned into artwork. For me, it fuels me with inspiration to keep going. Recently, I commissioned another piece of art by Andrei Kope, an image from one of my works-in-progress that will likely take me many years to finish.

For those who have read through my earlier blog posts will have seen previous pieces by Andrei, in particular The Mark of Baeya and Melissa the Wolf. Today, I'd like to introduce you to the latest piece by the Romanian digital artist. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Shadow Eagle.

Shadow Eagle

Shadow Eagle (Artist: Andrei Kope)

When I commissioned this piece, I will admit that I gave him very little guidelines. I told him that I envisioned a flying eagle with its wings spread wide with four black roses in its talons, the roses bordering between bud and full bloom.

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My first NaNoWriMo as ML… I can breathe now…

NaNoWriMo is nearing an end, and so too is my first year as a Municipal Leader (ML). Finally, I can get the change to sit back and breathe, or perhaps collapse might be a better description. So many active WriMos within the Christchurch region and it was fantastic to interact with you all.

The one thing that I can say about this adventure is that I need to learn to drink coffee or caffeinated drinks, something with more caffeine than chai tea. By time we hit the last week, I was definitely running on empty.Read More


Can we wait until December?

How many of us have noticed that decorations for Christmas seem to be coming out earlier and earlier each year? As early as October, the images of Santa flood the shelves and the ads for that perfect Christmas present start. Santa is preparing to ride his sleigh, yet the Jack-o-Lanterns still have not been lit. We hit November and the signs go up along the sides of the roads. The malls pull out all the stops as they prepare for Santa to take a seat in a place of pride and joy.Read More

Struggling with #NaNoWriMo word-counts? Maybe you’re trying too hard.

Here I go — breaking all the rules that I had set myself for my own personal blog. I had decided earlier this year when I set this thing up that I wasn’t going to post anything that would look like writing advice, but with the number of people that I know struggling to keep their word counts up for NaNoWriMo, I decided that I would break my own rule just this once. As a Municipal Leader for my local region and a veteran WriMo myself, perhaps I do have some advice to give that is actually worth listening to. Here goes…Read More

6 years of Scouts, and it’s coming to an end…

The day was finally over. After many painstaking minutes, she finally got her daughter off to bed and had leaned back into the recliner to enjoy a good book. But the silence was short-lived.

The door swung open and a bouncing seven-year-old tore into the lounge, jumping onto her lap. He was covered in some mess acquired during another fun-filled night at Keas.Read More