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The world around us is an amazing place, filled with beauty… And with science. And when you share the beauty and science with the next generation, magic can happen. Come and join me, and my children, as we share with you some experiments that you can do at home with some of the things you can commonly find around the house.

Welcome to Conversations in Science: Experiments with Kids.

New episodes of this video series are posted to the KLRNRadio YouTube channel with accompanying posts listed on this site.

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The Latest Experiments

Measuring the Speed of Light

You can measure the speed of light with little more than a microwave and a chocolate bar. You read that right. A CHOCOLATE BAR! In the latest Conversations in Science: Experiments with Kids video, learn how and discover why it works.

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Creating Holograms

With the holiday season upon us, many of us have our children sitting at home getting bored. Well, in my house, when the kids say they’re bored, out comes the science experiments. Over the years, I’ve managed to accumulate a variety of different experiments that you can do using common household items. I thought that […]

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