Eagle Order

Eagle Order
Emergency room doctor by day, assassin by night. Alexa Aetos is no stranger to a life of duplicity, raised by one of the world's most secret organizations: the Eagles, a group of assassins selectively bred for the purpose. But Alexa wants out. She's had enough and she wants to live her own life. To gain her freedom, she must perform one last mission — she must hunt down a rogue agent and bring them in dead or alive. There's only one problem: the rogue is the one who taught her everything she knows about being an Eagle. The rogue is her mother.
About the Book

This manuscript is currently under development. As any writer of fiction knows, writing a book is a long process, and for someone like myself who is working on book releases of other books, presenting on conferences, and editing for others, the process can take even longer.

I will gladly keep my faithful fans up to date with my progress. Be sure to join the mailing list if you wish to be given the opportunity to become a beta reader when it is ready.

UPDATE: December 24th, 2017. I set had set myself the goal of completing the draft before Christmas 2017, and by golly, I’ve done it — just. It will be sitting in that metaphorical drawer while I draft another manuscript, then it will be revision and editing.

Artwork: The piece is entitled Shadow Eagle.  The artist is Andrei Kope. You can see more of his artwork here.

Eagle Order

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