Beacon of Hope

Beacon of Hope
Drezel can stave off death, frightening it away when it comes knocking. She can bring back the dead. Of course, that's assuming the ones who hunger for the dead's magic don't find her first.
About the Book

Twenty-year-old Drezel has been running and hiding for most of her life from the Bleeders, demons who gain their powers by feasting on magical blood like hers. She will do whatever is asked to protect the ones around her, even use her powers to transform the forest and tear the enemy to shreds, create deadly storms or shift her family out of phase with the rest of the world. When twin brothers attack her family, Drezel knows there is more to their story than avenging their father’s death. She can read it in their minds: they believe that the best way to destroy the Bleeders is to go after their food source, the magicians. However, tracking magicians takes a rare talent — one that could help Drezel protect her family. She stands alone in her attempts to gain the brothers’ trust; the rest of her family believe them to be Bleeder spies.

But the brothers hold the key to unlocking an unknown ability — the power to bring back the dead — but to access it, she must bond her soul with theirs. Terrified of what the future might hold in store for her, she must risk everything, including love, to take control over her own destiny. If she doesn’t, the Bleeders will find her and consume her magical light, gaining access to the ultimate power — the ability to breach the boundary surrounding the world of death, giving them an endless source of magic.

Mark of Baeya - signed

The Mark of Baeya (Artist: Andrei Kope)

BEACON OF HOPE is a high fantasy intended for Adult audiences.

UPDATE: 27 December, 2017 

After over a year in the metaphorical drawer (and critiques received from acquisition editors at two of the Big 5), it was decided to pull Beacon of Hope from the submission cycle and start the revision process again. But this is what it takes to head down the traditional road: write, edit, submit, rewrite, edit, submit, rewrite, edit, submit… I will get there. I haven’t given up on this story. I still believe in it.

As any writer of fiction knows, writing a book is a long process, and for someone like myself who is working on book releases of other books, presenting on conferences, and editing for others, the process can take even longer.

I will gladly keep my faithful fans up to date with my progress. Be sure to join the mailing list if you wish to be given the opportunity to become a beta reader when it is ready.

Beacon of Hope
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