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Conversations in Science is now on YouTube

I'm sure that there will be many out there who will think that I've completely lost it. I have to admit that I probably have. However, today, I'm pleased to announce that Conversations in Science now has it's own YouTube channel.

Although Conversations in Science has been available on YouTube since the very beginning, episodes and videos were easily lost among all the other stuff that is published from KLRNRadio on YouTube. Because Conversations in Science is such an anomaly compared to the other shows on KLRNRadio, I managed to convince the station manager to let me set up a YouTube channel of my own.

Check it out:

Fans of the show can now subscribe to get updates through their YouTube apps on their phones or tablets. Any new episodes will be published on the new YouTube channel, in addition to the KLRNRadio channel. New episodes of Experiments with Kids will also be published to both channels.

And as a special treat for subscribers to the new YouTube channel, we have plans to build graphics to our past episodes, creating a proper video experience. (It was the idea of another involved with the station. I'm interested to see what he comes up with.)

In the meantime, I supposed I better get my A into G, and record more episodes of Experiments with Kids.

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