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Two Weeks to Go: On the Book Launch Trail

6am, with blurry eyes, but launching a book waits for no timezone. Hidden Traps will be released in just over two weeks. The countdown is on, and the book launch trail is blazing strong.

I can’t believe that near on a solid year’s work has finally come to fruition. It’s been a massive learning curve along the way. Not only was it a massive amount of research and testing, developing the ideas presented in the book, but it was also all the steps toward publication.

Remembering the nuances of nonfiction. Working with graphic designers. Fighting with software for the final formats. Cursing at the poor resolution of screen captures. The tears when the file won’t upload. Sweet talking the husband to foot the bill for the printed copies. And the fun doesn’t stop there.

Next month’s official release will be a month long of fun — and work.

There will be all the moments of celebration at my various writing groups. There might even be some goodies going out via social media. (I still haven’t decided if I’ll be opening that bottle of champagne in the cupboard waiting for me to declare myself as an author.)

I’m presenting at the Romance Writers New Zealand conference in Rotorua over the weekend of August 18th – 20th. The entire theme surrounds the modern writer in the electronic age. Software and social media marketing are on the bill. It’s the perfect forum to celebrate the release of a book that is all about protecting yourself in this modern electronic world.

But spreading the word is about connecting with others — even if it is at 6am in the morning.

Yesterday morning, I chatted with E. Rachael Hardcastle about my upcoming release, writing, editing, and my other activities. Even though I was coherent, it was all an illusion. I was sleep talking. I’m just good at pretending to be awake. Years of attending lectures at insane hours in the morning does help one to develop the illusion of being awake.

Check out the video below.

So, there are still things to do for the launch. The list is as long as my arm and growing by the day. Meanwhile, it’s all been a fun, educational roller coaster, but soon I will be turning my attention to the next nonfiction in the series. Before I do, I really want to finish the current draft of Eagle Order.

Time to jet. Time to write.

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