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Some of my followers will already know that I have recently moved my email list to MailChimp, moving away from the WordPress engine for this particular feature. At the time I made the move, I had left certain WordPress features active, so my followers who had subscribed via their WordPress accounts could still get notification of my posts. However, recent changes to JetPack (the plugin that controls the WordPress subscription features) has meant that JetPack is now interfering with MailChimp.

These changes are very recent (as in my site saw the updates to JetPack on the April 5th). I had thought that I would be able to keep the notification JetPack features for legacy reasons, but nope…

As such, I will be turning off the JetPack subscription features come May 1st, 2017. I would like to encourage ALL of my readers who are signed up to receive my blog via WordPress to signup to the MailChimp list using the form below. You will continue to receive my quirky blog and all of my science posts, but you will also receive notification of when new episodes of Conversations in Science are available for download.

All those who signed up via email have already been transferred over to the new system. If you got an email with my UGLY mug on top, then that came from MailChimp.

Sorry, guys, I really don’t like doing this, especially considering the numbers of followers that I had amassed on the old system, but sometimes, you do need to upgrade or get lost in the bowels of ever-changing technology.

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