Technology Angels Exist

Earlier in the week, I wrote about all the technological failures I’ve suffered from recently, including two computer failures. I wrote about how when my desktop failed on New Year’s Eve that I was forced to resort to a little tiny 10″ screen NetBook with 1Gb of RAM.

I also wrote about how my daughter’s laptop had died within 24 hrs of my desktop; the camera decided that it didn’t exist and the USB hub refused to recognise any devices.

Well, I can say with all honesty that Technology Angels actually exist.

New Laptop

This little surprise showed up on my doorstep yesterday.

Let’s start with the desktop. Well, it’s been fixed and now has a new motherboard and LCD display. My daughter’s laptop came back yesterday, also with a new motherboard.

But the best little technological surprise was something that arrived on my doorstep yesterday.

New Laptop

The new laptop is all personalised and ready to go.

A dear friend, who shall remain nameless, has sent me a new laptop. Okay, it’s not new — it’s second-hand — but she decided that it just wasn’t good enough for a writer to be force to use a little tiny NetBook with only 1Gb of RAM. My new portable beasty is intended for me to take with me when I decide to get out of the house and go write in a coffee shop somewhere — or when I’m giving a presentation and don’t have to rely on my son’s laptop.

Well, I’ve install all the software I need, especially Scrivener, and I’ve taken the time to personalise it. I must admit that I’m really looking forward to school going back in February. Then I’ll be able to easily find some excuse to find a little coffee shop somewhere.

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