Post, share and guilt…

As a writer, I will frequently connect with other writers through social media, mainly on Twitter and Facebook. Within Facebook, I’m a member of a variety of closed discussion groups. While I’m highly active on some, I’m a quiet observer on others.

In a few of my Facebook groups, there are many threads where people post information and links that they want shared with the world. There is an expectation that you will like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter, retweet or repost whatever tidbits and ads they might have. Here’s the deal:  I don’t.

I’ve liked only some of the Facebook pages, I’ve followed some on Twitter, and I rarely retweet or repost the ads from others. Do I feel guilty about this? Well, yes, I do. Am I going to change the way I do things? To put it blunt… NO.

My online presence is my branding. I have to feel comfortable with everything that has my name attached to it. I will vet every single page that I like under my Author page on Facebook. I carefully look at every feed that I follow on Twitter. And those carefully constructed posts and ads of others… I have a minimum standard that I will share. If I find the post interesting, then I’ll share it. If your book looks like something that I might actually read, then I’ll share it too. If your post is poorly edited or your ad for your book looks cheesy, then sorry, I don’t want my name associated with it.

I have similar rules that I apply to Twitter retweets, however, I will admit that I’m a little more relaxed on those ones.

I know my actions and personal policies have angered some writers. I ask for my posts to be reposted, but I don’t repost theirs. However, I don’t expect anyone to repost anything that I put out there. If people do, bonus. If not… It’s no skin off my nose. And I never expect those who I follow on Twitter to follow me in return. If I’m following you, it’s because I saw something on your feed that interested me (and it could have been something as simple as your rant about your morning coffee).

As I said above, yes, I do feel guilty when I see someone has shared my posts but I haven’t shared theirs in return. But all my activities are for my brand. Sorry, guys, but on this one, I will continue to be selfish.

P.S. I’d love to meet you on Twitter or Facebook.

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