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There are some that follow me expecting to see tips on editing here. However, this is my personal blog and is about my personal journey down the road toward publication, parenting and life in general. My editor's blog can be found at here.

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Tip of the Day: Not all references and suggestions work for everyone.

As I said previously, there are literally mountains of books on writing out there, but the reason there are so many books about how to write is because there are literally mountains of different approaches to writing. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. This goes for all aspects of writing, including […]

Tip of the Day: Reading about writing will only get you so far.

There are literally mountains of books about writing. Some are good and some are not-so-good. However, you can’t read about writing forever. Eventually, you need to just write — and edit. There is a saying: practice makes perfect. While one can never expect to have perfect writing, the only way to truly develop your craft […]

Tip of the Day: Just staring at the screen… Take a break.

Are you just staring at the computer screen wondering what you should be doing? Is your eyesight going all fuzzy and your head feeling a little foggy? It’s time for a break. You are allowed to have an off day and just get up from that computer to do something else. Yes, it is a […]

Holidays and Moving…

The year has whizzed by so fast and I do wonder where it has all gone. I’ve looked at so many manuscripts over this past year, some of them my own, but most of them not. So many stories that I can’t wait to see out there in the big world. Now the holiday season […]

Tip of the Day: Remember who your audience is when editing…

Many people say that writers need to constantly remember who their audience is when their writing, but here’s the thing: when you’re writing, your audience is you. Those early drafts are actually for your benefit, not for anyone else. Only a select few people will ever see those early drafts; it’s the edited versions that […]

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