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After all the emotional downs I’ve had lately, I’ve needed a bit of a pick-me-up, and what better way than to get my name onto another guest blog. And this one I’m particularly proud of because it used my PhD knowledge, something that I haven’t taxed on in quite some time.

Check out the latest post on Dan Koboldt’s Science in Science Fiction series.

Imaging Over Long Distances (Published: August 18, 2016) The satellite whizzes overheard, being realigned by the technician in some bunker in a secret location. After moments of clicking at the keyboard, a series of images flicker across the screen. Details of the landscape come into focus, but that detail is not enough. The technician taps the keyboard, clicks the mouse and the cameras on the satellite overhead zoom in. They’ve found him. They can see exactly what he’s wearing and the backpack he has slung across his shoulder. Oh no… The hero is now in danger. RUN, JASON BOURNE! RUN!  While Hollywood would in reality take those zooming-in shots using a hover drone, believe it or not, the concept that the movie makers are trying to portray is very real. As much as you might try and hide, you can’t; the spy satellite will see you.

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