My Birthday Wish

Today, I celebrate my 40th birthday. It’s a big one and many have asked me exactly how I intend to celebrate. For some bizarre reason, all I want is quiet and seclusion. I don’t want to party. I would love just to sit and read — or write. I want the quiet me time.

But in case I get the cake, I’ve forced myself to think of what might be my birthday wish.

If we are looking at materialistic things, I wish I could have a new phone. I want the latest and greatest — a phone that I could actually take decent photos with and share them with my family and friends. It was one of the reasons that I bought a smartphone all those years ago, but my phone is so old that it can’t cope with any form of internet or social media now and the camera on it… Well, we won’t even discuss that.

If the wish is to be the non-materialistic kind but goal driven, then I would love to have snagged myself an agent for my high fantasy novel. Publication is the ultimate dream and I know I will get there eventually, but exactly when or how is the big question. Everything I do on social media (be it here on this blog, on Twitter or Facebook) is working toward that goal, setting up an author’s platform. There is so much to do. Meanwhile, regardless what happens, I will continue to chip away at the various tasks.

I could wish for joy in life and world peace. Yeah, right… I might be all peace loving, but I’m still selfish.

So what could be a perfect birthday wish? You know what… I think I’ll forego the birthday wish all together. I have all the things that I could actually wish for and the added things that I want in life, I’m working my ass off to achieve those goals. All I want for this birthday is quiet and a good book to read.

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