It’s July and I’m still here…

I can’t believe that it’s July already. Half of 2016 is gone. So it might be an idea to review where I’m at with the goals that I’d set myself at the start of the year.

I had announced my 2016 writing-related goals publicly in a post on Black Wolf where I spoke about the merits of making goals and what they can do for you. That post can be found here. As part of that post, I included my own goals, so here’s the rundown as to where everything is at.

  1. Finish the final lot of edit on my fantasy novel and start querying again.
    • Novel is done, edited and polished. Query letter written and edited. Synopsis written and edited. Submission packet ready to go. Now I need to do the research into agents and proceed from there. (I’m contemplating entering into #PitchWars with it. We’ll see.)
  2. Get in place a publication plan for my first novel. This includes snagging myself an agent.
    • Yeah, this was my big bad. When I was posting the original post, I realised that I had already completed this particular task because of the way I had actually worded it. I already have a publication plan and it does include snagging myself an agent. DOH!!!
  3. Finish the first draft of the first novel in my collaborative writing project
    • My good writing buddy, Ann Bell Feinstein, and I intend to work on this during July/August. We recently completed a short story that we submitted to an anthology using the same world and characters, an attempt to see if we are on the same page with the characterizations. Good news… We are. Now to get writing.
    • The story will be written under the pen name of Syrese Smalt. We need to update the website and start making ourselves active on social media, but things are happening.
  4. Get the word out about Black Wolf Editorial Services and obtain more clients.
    • It’s a slow process, but the clients are starting to come in. Word is spreading. I’ve been presenting at workshops, writing blog posts on Black Wolf, and have been invited to participate on an internet radio show. The world is my oyster and I’m loving it.
  5. Obtain more inspirational art by Andrei Kope.
    • Before I can do this, I need to work out what images I actually want. I better get writing.
  6. Finish the first draft of my second high-fantasy novel.
    • I had originally planned to finish this by the end of June, but I got sidetracked by editing for clients and my first novel. That’s okay. I still have another 6 months left in the year.

I have other writing projects that have also cropped up during the last 6 months and I’m excited about them all. Things are happening, and I feel that I’m on track. The trick is to not lose sight of the ultimate dream. Everything is a small step toward that ultimate goal.

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