Wanderer (Artist: Andrei Kope)

Wanderer – Artwork by Andrei Kope

It is always a good feeling to see a character from a story in visual art, and the latest piece by Andrei Kope provides me with another of my animal characters. However, unlike Melissa the Wolf, who is a shape-shifter, or Shadow Eagle, who is a human trained as an assassin, this character is purely animal. Meet Wanderer.

Wanderer (Artist: Andrei Kope)

Wanderer (Artist: Andrei Kope)

Wanderer is a friend from the animal kingdom who enjoys sharing his flying experiences with the magician Drezel. He looks out for her when he can, but Wanderer, a hawk, is not a pet. He's just a very good friend.

A big thank-you to Andrei Kope for the beautiful work you have done. From the moment I first saw this drawing, I knew I was looking at Wanderer.

Check out some of the other pieces that Andrei Kope has done for me. When you see them all together, I think you can understand why I love his artwork so much.


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