7/7/7 Writer’s Challenge

I’m not normally one for chain letters, but I seem to be completely swept up in the excitement that is #PitchWars, hence when I was challenged to the 7/7/7 Writer’s Challenge, I had to accept. (Thanks Andrea Contos.)

Here’s how it works: You go to your WIP (work-in-progress for my non-writer readers) and find page 7, move down 7 lines, and post the next 7 lines in a blog post. Because no chain letter is complete without peer pressure, you then tag another 7 writers to do the same.

And of course, I have Andrea Contos to blame for all this. You can find her 7/7/7 Writer’s Challenge here.

Now, my 7 lines… As many of my writing friends know, I have many WIPs, however only one is in any state that I would be happy for the public at large to see. This is the manuscript that I submitted to #PitchWars, Beacon of Hope. Hopefully, these lines actually make sense out of context. (If not… Oh well.) And even if it doesn’t render as 7 lines here, I assure you that in the manuscript file it is only 7 lines. (Convenient that it actually finished the sentence.)

To help with the little context issue for my excerpt: Drezel, joined with the mind of a hawk, is the scout for a group searching for somewhere to winter in safety. She, and the hawk, have found a cabin nestled in the woods and has led Bryton and the other riders to its location.

When Bryton dismounted, Wanderer swooped down to perch on his arm. He stroked the feathers on the back of the hawk’s head. “It looks good, Drezel,” he said to the hawk. “Everyone fan out. Make sure we don’t encounter any hidden surprises. Drezel, check for magical traps.”

The bird pecked at his hand, making Bryton flinch and growl—he never acknowledged Wanderer’s help.

That’s enough, Wanderer. Drezel encouraged the hawk to perch on a low tree branch.

So who do I challenge in turn? Some of my fellow Kiwi writers, of course. Perhaps this will be the motivation some of them need to actually finish those WIPs that I’ve been hankering out to read. (Angela Oliver, Shelley Chappell, Beaulah Pragg, Amy Jackson, Ami Hart, Lissa Carlino, Karah Sutton… Your turn.)

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