No matter the outcome of #PitchWars, I’ve won!

On September 2, 2015, the mentees for #PitchWars will be announced. While I’m hoping that my name will be among the lucky ones selected, regardless the outcome, I feel like I’m already a winner.

For those of you who have never heard of #PitchWars, check out the post on Brenda Drake’s website. It’s a writing contest like no other, and so worth getting involved in.

Prior to submission to this year’s #PitchWars contest, my manuscript went through a substantial re-write, especially the first chapter. Like many writers, I had started my story at the wrong point, so I re-wrote the beginning. I felt like crying as I said goodbye to a much loved scene. Some of my critique partners are conspiring to get me to put it back in, but thankfully they all agree it didn’t need to be present. So I was a winner before #PitchWars even began, having a stronger story as a result.

But during these weeks of the agonising wait while the mentors make their selections, I have won on many more levels.

I originally entered #PitchWars with two goals in mind: to find someone to help me through the process of querying and the rocky road of traditional publishing; and to get someone that would actually read through my entire manuscript and help me tear it to shreds, finding those scenes that are stilted and need further polishing. While getting an agent out of #PitchWars would be nice, that was never my goal.

Within the first few days after submission, I saw a Twitter post from one of the other mentees asking if anyone was interested in joining a Mentee Support Group. I immediately responded. “Hell Yeah!!! Count me in.” The group is an eclectic group of women who all have one dream in common: to become published writers. We’re spread throughout the world, and we have a wide range of daytime jobs, but most important, we’re all willing to support each other through the ups and downs of the publishing world. I feel extremely confident that the friendships that I have forged through this group will continue on for years to come.

GOAL 1 ACHIEVED: I have found someone willing to help me through the rocky road of traditional publishing.

While some of us are feeling a little down, convinced that we won’t be selected for #PitchWars (me… I’m still trying to be #LittleMissOptimist), the chapter swaps have begun. Exactly how this exchange of chapters will progress, it’s anyone’s guess, but again, I believe I’ve found at least one who would be willing to help me find the sticky portions of the manuscript and polish it to the Nth-degree.

GOAL 2 ACHIEVED: I have found at least one critique partner.

I suspect that once the #PitchWars announcements have been made there will ample opportunity to befriend the mentors themselves, adding another group of people to the support network through the rocky road of publishing. This thought only makes me smile even more.

So no matter the outcome of #PitchWars come September 2, I’ve won!

But I can hear the pessimists out there ask, “Would I get involved again?” I have one answer for all those doom-sayers. “HELL YEAH!!!” Just tell me how I can help next year, Brenda Drake, and I’m so there.

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