Melissa the Wolf

I'm so excited about the commissioned artwork that I received today. Meet Melissa, a Shape Shifter whose favourite form is a black wolf.

Melissa in Wolf Form (Artist: Andrei Kope)

Melissa in Wolf Form (Artist: Andrei Kope)

Melissa is a character who is so protective of her family that she will kill anyone that threatens the ones she loves. She develops the use of magic through the love she feels for her sister and brother-in-law. Part of her magical abilities is to shape-shift into various animal forms, her favoured form being that of the black wolf.

Many view a black wolf as a creature of evil, but to me, the back wolf is like the white wolf: an outcast. Wolves, by nature, are loyal to their families, and will do whatever they feel is necessary for the survival of the pack. The outcast wolf sometimes will find a way to form a new pack with another lone wolf, and they will protect that pack with their lives. Melissa is one such character.

In my stories, Melissa struggles to overcome her mistrust of others, but with her sister's help, Melissa forges close friendships with others like her and becomes one of the Generals in the army against the Bleeders.

A big thank-you to Andrei Kope for the beautiful work you have done. I can see the protective Melissa staring back at me through those eyes.

You can check out some of Andrei's other work on his YouTube Channel. (The video of his drawing process of this work is found here.) Alternatively, visit him on Fiverr and commission your own beautiful animal artwork.


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